Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wow it's been a while!

Eryn decided (with help from mom) to have a fun Bubble Gum Birthday Party! I, I mean she, was so excited about this. We thought about everything we could decorate with and what kind of a cake she wanted. So, with a little help from pintrest our ideas became a fun little reality. We just had solid pink table covers and yellow plates with blue napkins and red cups. And then to decorate we bought a few gumball machines that we set out on tables and the t.v. and then I filled some glass dishes with the colored gumballs and set those out too. Then to make it fun for her I cut out about 100 different colored circles to look like gumballs and we taped them on the walls. She loved it and got to help put all of them up so she loved helping (because she was 4 now and all) ha ha. Then for her cake we decided to do a Bubble Gum Machine Cake and with my mothers wonderful frosting skills it turned out so dang cute! Overall I thought it was the cutest party idea that we have done so far, except for the crazy amount of gum we have left over! I needed a ton to decorate with but now it's overtaking my pantry so if anyone is needing bubble gum please holla this way! Well here are some pictures of her cute little 4th birthday!


Our sweet Eryn is 4!!
Happy Birthday Babe!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy Valentines to us

We decided that for Valentines our gifts to each other would be new furniture for our upstairs family room. The couches we had were celebrating their 10 year anniversary along with us so let's just say it was long overdue. So on Tuesday we got our lovely and oh so comfortable couches delivered and were in heaven! On another note, Monday we had taken our dog sis to the vet and found out she needed to get surgery on Wednesday. They had done an ultrasound and found some things in her bladder. It was insane what they found. She had a tumor in her bladder that was the size of a key lime and a bladder stone that was the size of a peanut m&m and poky all over, and for a dog of her small size it was taking a toll on her to say the least. So we got her home Wednesday evening and she was still a little woozy from the anesthesia but was doing so much better and we are so glad. She has been in our little family for 9 years so she is really like another kid to us and we are just glad everything went OK. Here are some pictures of our new couches and Sis's stuff.

Where they had to shave her to do her IV's

Her tumor

Her bladder stone


We were so excited to be able to go visit Cocoa, Jace, El and miss Mae. The kids were also so excited to fly on an airplane and did pretty good considering our travel time.  We couldn't wait to get there and play with the kids and just visit and hang out with Nichole and Jace. We flew in late Wednesday night and El was still awake when we got there and can I just tell you how excited we were to see him. He was just tiny and crawling when they left so to see him walking and smiling with all his teeth was so fun. The kids were just dying to play with him and give him loves. Not to mention the new addition, Miss Mae. We could not wait to hold her and cuddle her. Cody loved the little nap times they had together, and I loved holding her and just watching her look around. She is just so precious and is the best baby. Nichole and I were able to do some crafts and make cute bows for the girls. It was nice to have that sister time again. We just laugh and laugh and it's so fun and we managed to actually make a few bows so it was a good time. It snowed like crazy on Saturday so Jace was going out to shovel and we couldn't get El's snow stuff on fast enough. He loves being outside so much, so him and east went out and had a blast with uncle Jace for like two hours! We loved being there and were sad to go but left knowing they would be coming home in just a few short weeks so that made it a little easier to say goodbye. I still cried the whole way to the airport but at least I know I will see them soon!! We love them so much and can't wait til they get here! Here are a few pictures from our visit.